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Soft Teach

Soft Teach applications have been written to help deliver specific areas of the curriculum at Key Stage 2, although some products have been adapted to be used at Key Stage 1. The subjects covered include Geography with Map Reading and Local Studies, Control Technology with Factory Control, Traffic Control and Lift Control and even environmental issues with Save Your Energy. We supply infant and junior schools and colleges directly as well as a number of distributors such as RM, R-E-M and TTS.

Soft Teach is small enough to be close to the classroom so that our support network is speedy and efficient. The excellent On Approval service means that with a telephone call or email a school can have a program sent to them usually within 2 to 3 days. The school can load the programs onto their computers and so get a good look and feel for the application prior to purchase.

Have a look through our products, make a selection and submit your order using our online ordering service or call us.

For help and assistance please contact us on 01985 840 329 or email