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About Us

Soft Teach have been publishing computer software for over 25 years - since the days of the Spectrum and BBC Acorn computers. In the very early days, the first applications were published by Longmans, but soon Soft Teach published in its own right and was based in rural Wiltshire, along with sheep, cows, chickens and turkeys. The partnership was able to function from the start as the advance in technology allowed for everything from development, type setting, printing, sales and distribution from a small base.

The animals have long since gone to be replaced by people in the barns; holiday makers!

The partnership is made up of Anna Bartholomew (systems analyst and programmer) and Tony Ramsay (teacher and one time turkey killer) and also includes a number of authors, some of whom are practicing teachers who develop applications to answer their classroom needs. Consequently Control Technology simulations have become popular as well as Mapping programs and Local Studies GIS (Geographical Information Systems) followed closely by anything from Skill and Drill maths programs to history programs that give pupils a strong sense of chronology using dynamic time lines.

Soft Teach have strong links with the Ordnance Survey education team and have also worked with the Health Education Authority and the BBC.

The strength of Soft Teach has become their On Approval policy which allows the software to be tested before schools have to buy, combined with a support team who are directly involved with the programs.

For help and assistance please contact us on 01985 840 329 or email