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Map Importer

Local Authority schools have access to this very valuable data source through the Ordnance Survey Liaison Officer in their authority, either free of charge or for a small handling fee. Grant Maintained and Independent Schools are charged at special educational rates from different outlets. Details and addresses are given in the manual to enable you to get hold of the raw data for the area around your school.

Local Studies Map Importer will:

  • load the raw data from Ordnance Survey into your computer,
  • translate the data so that the computer can draw maps,
  • 'stick together' adjoining map areas - NO MORE BEING ON THE EDGE OF THE MAP!
  • and display the maps.

You or your students can then manipulate the map:

  • scroll around the area,
  • change the scale,
  • zoom in and out,
  • and select up to six layers of features.


  • you can select the area which you want to appear as a background map in Local Studies.

Ordnance Survey data availability

  • Black & white, 1 in 10,000 raster (bmp) data - very useful for town surveys. Many authorities have this data.
  • Coloured, 1 in 50,000 raster (bmp) data - probably what most of us are familiar with - some authorities have this data.
  • NTF, Land Line data. Very detailed and interesting maps can come from this data. All authorities should have this data.

Map Importer screen shot

For help and assistance please contact us on 01985 840 329 or email